Freehold and Rental Valuation

The Practice offers a freehold and rental valuation service of commercial property of all types.

Most valuations are governed by the RICS Professional Valuation Standards, however in each case the exact nature and purpose of the instruction will be ascertained at the outset to ensure full compliance with RICS requirements whilst providing the right level of advice to the client.

We regularly undertake Regulated RICS valuation for Self Invested Pensions(SIP's) and
Company Pension schemes.

All valuations are carried out by an RICS Registered Valuer.

Schedules of Repair and Dilapidations

Schedules of Repair are often prepared when a tenant takes a new lease. They form a record of the condition of the property as at the commencement of the new lease and thereby define the starting point for any future repair responsibility.

A Schedule of Dilapidation is a description of the condition of a property usually at the end of a lease. They are often prepared to challenge a claim made by a landlord for monies to make good damage to a property during a lease.

The Practice offers a number of different approaches to the preparation of these schedules including photographic records, tabular with integrated photographs and costed schedules.

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