Easements and Wayleaves Acquisition

Easements and Wayleaves for new and existing pipelines, overhead electricity lines and cables is the focus of our utility expertise. The Practice has more than thirty years' experience in this sector with clients including national utility providers and utility contractors. IHCS Ltd. acts only for utility and other companies seeking interests over land. It does not act for landowners or tenants of the same land and consequently there is no conflict of interest. We provide the following services for Easement and Wayleaves acquisition:-

  • Full Project Management & Support Services
  • Negotiation of easements across commercial and agricultural property
  • Landowner and tenant referencing
  • Landowner and tenant liaison
  • Preparation of easement/wayleave plans
  • Management of land reinstatement issues
  • Settlement of compensation claims
  • Instruction and management of land agents
  • Land Acquisition
  • Negotiation of terms for acquisition or lease of land for sites
  • Management of land reinstatement issues
  • Renewal of site leases and rent reviews
  • Advice on the legal need for easements/wayleaves and consents
  • Interpreting existing legal agreements
  • Advice on the legal requirements of infrastructure owners
  • Advice and preparation of legal documentation
  • Managing the legal process through to completed documents.

Development Consent Orders

The Practice has extensive experience of carrying out non-contact and contact referencing together with the preparation of all necessary plans for the submission of a Development Consent Order application for Nationally Significant Infrastructure under the provisions of the Planning Act 2008.

Compulsory Acquisition

The Practice has a detailed working and practical knowledge of the relevant legislation
for Compulsory Acquisition, including that covered by the Planning Act 2008. Major
recent works have included acquiring statutory permission to upgrade overhead electricity
transmission lines through East London and the Norwegian/UK Electricity Interconnector.

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